Faux Finishing – Ragging

Faux Finishing- Ragging

Faux Finishing Materials

Floetrol is a conditioner for water based paints, it reduces brush marks and bristle seperation.

Penetrol is a conditioner for oil based paints. It reduses paint peeling on wood and metal and makes an ideal matte finish for interior rustic wood.

  • Apply a base coat of solid color paint, remembering that the first color applied will show the least.
  • Be sure base coat is thoroughly dry before beginning the ragging process.
  • Start working on opposite walls to allow drying between coats.
  • Mix 3 volumes of latex paint to 1 volume of Floetrol.
  • Pour paint mixture into paint tray.
  • Dip the Smooth White Jersey Knit into the paint and squeeze the excess.
  • Open the rag and then crumple it loosely.
  • Begin in the upper corner and press rag gently on wall.  Repeat until you cover approximately one square yard.
  • Vary pattern by recrumpling the white rag.  You may also try to roll the rag for varying effects